Thursday, May 14, 2015

Consensus means "suppress heretics in the name of Science."

University Pulls Funding For Think Tank Because It’s Run By A Global Warming Skeptic

Professor Bjorn Lomborg has become the target of environmental activists. Last week, activists convinced the University of Western Australia to cancel a plan with Lomborg to create a major research center that would focus on the economics of global development projects.
Why were global warming activists upset? Because Lomborg doesn’t believe global warming is currently the greatest threat facing mankind. Activistspressured the university to return $4 million to the Australian government that would have gone to create the think-tank Australia Consensus.
The move was celebrated by environmentalists, but bemoaned by Australian conservatives as a blow to free and open debate. Lomborg, the self-styled “skeptical environmentalist,” didn’t sit idly by, but instead took to the opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal to voice his disgust.

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