Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Don't you have to be a special kind of dangerous... turn Buddhists into racist haters?

//“These pictures are here to protect our religion and our national interest,” the monk calmly explained to a BBC reporter in a 2013 documentary. “If we do not protect our own people we will become weak, and we will face more mass killings of this kind when they grow to outnumber us.”

“Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak,” he adds, contemplating another poster. “When they are strong they are like a wolf or a jackal, in large packs they hunt down other animals.”

Wirathu is the leader of Burma’s 969 movement, a radical nationalist group that’s been accused of inciting violence against the Rohingya. Rights activists have called him a neo-Nazi and Time ran a 2013 profile of him under the headline “The Face of Buddhist Terror.” In that article, Time said he had “taken the title of ‘the Burmese bin Laden.'” Wirathu contested the quote, but it was too late. The moniker stuck.//

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