Friday, June 12, 2015

The American Left is beyond parody.

NAACP leader claims to be Black but is actually of German/Czech ancestry.

//Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June. Regular readers of this column will recall that the author bravely came out of the closet as trans-black in April, following years of misery in which my innate blackness felt like a complete mismatch for my white body – or, as I refer to it, my honkyself or crackersona.

In my case, I had to rely on my natural charm and joie de vivre, sharp intellect and stunning good looks, quick wit and natural comedic timing, and of course my substantial modesty, to effectively shed my white dead-race and embrace the beautiful black man that was inside me. (Minds out of the gutter, please!)//

//Rachel Dolezal became a national sensation in the US on Thursday after local news stations KXLY and KREM reported stories about her trans-blackness, which was later picked up by Buzzfeed and spread throughout the internet faster than a trans-black who hears a police siren.

Dolezal is the real deal when it comes to trans-blackness. A less enlightened writer might suggest she has gone full native. She has apparently altered her appearance through atomic tanning sessions and a pact with the devil for kinky hair – which, ironically, cis-black women spend their entire lives fighting against – all in an effort to embrace her inner blackness and reject her German and Czech dead-ethnicities.//

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John Kasaian said...

If Bruce Jenner can be transgendered, why cannot this lass be trans-ethnic?
I am eagerly anticipated some poor sad sack to be declared trans-species.

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