Thursday, June 04, 2015

When you live through Ehrlich's failed predictions, it is hard to take other end of the world scenarios seriously.

Remember the mass starvation of the late '70s?

Remember tens of millions dying of starvation in Europe and North America?

Remember what it was like to lose technological civilization when ran out of resources in 1983?

Bad times....really bad times.

Of course, all that must have happened because Paul Ehrlich predicted it and the liberal media keeps telling us that Ehrlich is a genius.

//Most remarkable, however, is Ehrlich’s answer. Yes, he’s still around, the Times interviewed him, and they asked him that question. I got the impression it may have been the first time someone prominent has asked Ehrlich to answer this directly, and his guard seems to have been down, probably because he remembers all the puffball coverage he’s gotten from the New York Times over the years. So he answered it, and it has to be heard to be believed. He said: “One of the things that people don’t understand is that timing, to an ecologist, is very, very different from timing to an average person.” I wonder, is BS still the same for an ecologist as it is for an average person?

t is such an obviously arrogant, dishonest, evasive answer that the Times report features it prominently, and not in a positive way. They captured in one line the sudden realization that Ehrlich is a charlatan who has been conning the highest levels of the culture for years. (Jonathan Last runs down all of the awards and accolades heaped on Ehrlich as recently as 2012.)//

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mrez said...

I find it curious that people like Ehrlich seem to have no worry about whether their claims or predictions are true and when they don't come true they seem to be so relaxed. What trait is that in someone who is supposedly talking "science". Didn't Science used to be a search for the truth? Such arrogance and grandiosity seems to actively protect them from feeling they were wrong or acknowledging that they were incorrect in what they said....? maybe someone paid him to produce these ideas and that is all it was...that he was paid.

I remember reading paragraph upon paragraph while I attended a Catholic School and was reading in class in a third grade SRA program about the population explosion that was supposed to be happening ....... or that was coming (and also about killer bees that were coming to mainland United States for that matter..)

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