Thursday, July 23, 2015

The best part of the Obama years has been the racial healing.

Black man shoves white jogger into traffic, shouting "I hate White people."


mrez said...

There has been an observable change in race relations. Especially within groups who feel particularly put down. It has been disheartening to observe the division of people and the UTTER ENCOURAGEMENT toward acting out "something" based on feelings and suspicion. Indeed we have all been encouraged- well not all :)- but some have been encouraged to demonstrate, sit in, stand up,shout out, explore resentments, revisit anger and suspicions, and act as though it has become "time" to act out. In fact if one remembers the words ACT UP... it fits.... across the board..... the encouragement to demonstrate and TOWARD DIVISION of people groups. THAT IS WHAT WE SEE. AT LEAST THE MEDIA has highlighted these things for some of us to see....THIS HAS BEEN evident since this person ran for office. I saw glee in fellow coworkers who had hidden resentments and oppression for so long when our current Admin was coming into office.... Hopefully these very folk have learned that it is not all good.

John Kasaian said...

So was he charged with a hate crime?
Were the Black Panthers at the polling place charged with "ethnic intimidation?"
And the Justice Dept. is going to charge Hillary with using private unsecured email accounts for State Dept. business.

there i obviously some sort of disconnect with what the DoJ is supposed to be doing and what it is doing.

Lauran said...

Quite an expensive side show is witnessing the gaping disparity between the speaking Obama and how his mangled psyche actually plays out in domestic and foreign affairs.

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