Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Feverswamp Leftism - a cancer destroying its host since 1917.

The Episcopal Church is well on its death spiral down the toilet, but that fact doesn't alarm committed the feverswamp leftists who drove off the normal people.

//But as a priest, the daily office immerses me in the PATRIARCHY!! of the psalms. We can’t change the PATRIARCHY!! of our heritage. That’s how God has revealed herself to us over the centuries.

So God’s kind of a screw-up then?

So in reading Scripture, in seeking its meaning, I do not feel free to make changes in the text. But in my worship, I do feel free to do so. When I pray the psalms, it seems to me that I am free to make changes that express my heart.

Son of a…aw, skip it.  You have to give Double W this much.  Dude’s all-in.

So I have gone through the Prayer Book psalms and substituted feminine pronouns for masculine wherever the reference is not clearly to a specific male, such as David and Moses and Joseph.

Any male human being reading this can sit Christianity out since any manifestation of masculinity whatsoever gives Warner the vapors.

I call these committed psalms.

Because anybody stupid enough to read them ought to be?

They go the path of commission rather than the path of omission. Further, they require a commitment on the part of those who use them. We commit ourselves to a path of reparation, of repairing the relation of female and male in our life and worship. Similarly, this is committed language in contrast to inclusive language. This language is not inclusive; it overdoes the feminine on purpose. It is matriarchal language instead of patriarchal.

So basically, it’s totally dishonest.  An absolute frickin’ lie.  Yeah, great Christian witness there, Warner.

Catholics?  Never EVER let down your guard.

Go here to read the comments.  Leftism is a cancer wherever it takes hold.  It perverts and destroys its host.  In religion it transforms Christianity into dying shattered husks of denominations.  Make no mistake:  most Leftist Catholics know precisely what they are doing.  For them the destruction of traditional Catholicism through embracing their ludicrous politics and economic superstitions is a feature not a bug.//

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