Sunday, August 02, 2015


Larry Correia fisks the Guardians diatribe about the Hugo imbroglio.

The post-modern leftist writer is all about diversity and inclusion for the Correct Demographic.

Then he gets to this:

//There’s no avoiding the politically partisan nature of this campaign.

Well yeah, considering that it all started because I wanted to demonstrate that there was political bias in the system, duh… Sadly for you guys, we had real success when Brad took over and pushed a group of politically diverse nominees this year.

Its leading lights range from respectable rightwingers such as US authors Larry Correia

Ha! The Guardian says I’m respectable. It must be crazy upside down day! Normally Damien just fabricates scare quotes to make me sound scared of gay people.

and Brad Torgerson,

Okay, seriously. My last name has double Rs and four vowels and you can manage to spell it correctly, but none of you can spell TorgersEn?

through to those with more outlandish views such as John C Wright

By “outlandish” you mean John is a devout Catholic who actually believes Catholic doctrine and doesn’t get all mushy and apologetic about it.

and Vox Day (also known as Theodore Beale).

Who is probably disappointed you only called him outlandish.//

You can just see how far that diversity extends.

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