Friday, September 18, 2015


The Disinformation campaign to preserve Communism from being properly identified as the most evil influence of the 20th century has been very successful, as witness the ability of disinformation campaigns to depict Pius XII as pro-nazi and Lee Harvey Oswald as a tool of the CIA.

The problem is...

...Disinformation is built on lies.

//Lee Harvey Oswald visited embassies in Cuba and the Soviet Union to plot his escape before assassinating President John F Kennedy, declassified documents reveal.

The bombshell news was disclosed to Lyndon B Johnson three days after the shooting in Dallas, Texas, on November 22 1963.

But it has remained a secret until today, when the CIA released 19,000 confidential documents from the 1960s.//

According to former chief of Romanian Intelligence, this information was essentially covered up by American political authorities who feared that its release might incite Americans to demand action against the Soviet Union (although, to be fair, Pacepa thinks that Oswald was a Soviet agent who slipped his leash.) From my review of Pacepa's "Disinformation":

//Pacepa also has an interesting section on Oswald. I think that most people think that he was a CIA stooge. Certainly, very few people realize that Oswald was a dedicated Communist who spent time in the Soviet Union. Pacepa makes an interesting circumstantial case that Oswald provided the secrets that permitted the Soviets to shoot down Francis Gary Powers' U2 spy plane. He also explains the strange behavior of Oswald's trip to Mexico, which involved, according to Pacepa, "trade-craft." Is Pacepa's speculation that Oswald acted on his own in retaliation for Kennedy's humiliation of Kruschev during the Cuban Missile Crisis true? Who knows? Certainly it is far more credible given the facts than the conspiracy theory floated by far-left loons like Oliver Stone, who has profited nicely on his claim that the Kennedy assassination was a CIA coup. But thanks to disinformation, we can talk about whether the CIA killed Kennedy, and not whether a card-carrying Communist who had spent time in the Soviet Union might have been a Communist agent.//

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