Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Fever-swamp Left is impossible to parody.

Welcome to Civilization 3.0:

//Not to be outdone, #Gamergate critic, and former NFL player Chris Kluwe Tweeted pictures of his own daughter to a pedophile, because The Narrative ™ must be protected at all cost. Yes. He sent pictures of his child to a pedophile. What kind of sick bastard would do such a thing? But these two paragons of morality, who constantly lecture us on our evil Capitalist ShitLord, Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Rapist ways are only the tip of the ideological iceberg of depravity. Salon, naturally, decided that this was a great time to post an article defending pedophilia as a “sexual orientation” and not some kind of filth or evil.

The agenda, of course, is to force acceptance of this practice onto the population at large. And after pedophilia, what next? Soylent Green? There appears to be no floor, no bottom, to Social Justice evil.

But it gets worse, for child pornography and pedophilia are only two tiny drops in the Progressive bucket. In Sweden, a gay pride parade was organized, and it so happened that the proposed route went through two Muslim areas of town. Naturally, this created conflict because Muslims don’t like gays. They aren’t “homophobic” in the sense that they might find the practice odd, or would prefer if it took place someplace else. No. They kill gays. They hang them, they throw them off of buildings, they behead them.

So an LGBT group entered the fray to weigh in on this subject. Who did they back? Who wins when victim group meets victim group?

Islam won. Yes, the LGBT group accused its own people of being racist Islamophobes for daring to conduct their parade through an area of town in which Muslims resided. Leftists called each other racists and bowed to the wishes of militant Islam. Of course, Islam has a long and colorful history where pedophilia and rape are concerned too. In fact, one of the points of agreement between the Left and Islam is that child rape is no big deal, and wanting to have sex with your cousin is just dandy.//

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