Friday, October 09, 2015

Got to love science.

After a decade of Alarmists explaining where the heat went to explain why there has been no warming since 1987, one scientist solved the problem by simply adding temperature to the more accurate Argo buoy data.

//The main reason for that is that Karl added 0.12°C to all Argo buoy temperature readings and gave them added weighting when calculating the re-analyzed dataset, according to a critique of Karl’s paper by Dr. Ross McKitrick.

The Argo array and ship-based temperature measurements are in disagreement. Argo’s temperatures are colder than ship-based temperatures and show no sea surface temperature increases since its earliest measurements began. Karl’s change to Argo data increases global temperatures after 2004, when Argo buoys started showing up in large numbers. The Argo network went fully operational in late 2007 with 3,000 floats in place.

The international Argo array is a wonder of modern climate science technology. It consists of nearly 3,900 specially designed buoys distributed in oceans all over the world. Each self-contained robotic buoy records ocean temperature, salinity and ocean drift to a depth of 6,500 feet. They normally free float at 3,000 feet. Every 10 days they dive and then return to the surface, taking measurements all along the way. Once surfaced, they automatically upload their collected data via satellite into a global database.

Argo is specifically designed for climate science. Ship-based measurements are not. Ships have taken measurements in many different ways over the years. Most modern-day water temperature readings from ships are taken from boiler room water intakes not designed for rigorous scientific purposes. Those have a built-in heat bias.

Instead of logically recalibrating the less reliable ship-based data to match the Argo data, Karl alters the Argo data to match the ship-based measurements.//

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