Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Left has been holding up China's one-child policy as a reasonable effort at responsible population control, while ignoring the forced abortions and the sheer inhumanness of the policy.

What will they say now?

Crickets is my guess.

//China’s recent announcement that it will end its one-child policy is unlikely to halt a demographic decline that could lead to more social and political instability in the coming decades, analysts say.

China’s Communist Party said on Thursday that it would now permit couples to have two children to help counteract an aging population, though the change must still be approved by the national legislature. Authorities had eased the policy in recent years by allowing parents who were only children to have two children themselves.

However, any boost to China’s population would not materialize for at least a few decades, experts say, a vexing reality for Party officials concerned about a shrinking labor force and slower economic growth. Additionally, Chinese families’ preference for boys has resulted in millions more men than women in the country, a gender imbalance that has exacerbated abuses such as the trafficking of rural women.//

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