Saturday, October 03, 2015

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news.

Yay! Another first for the Obama administration.

Voting against America.

//Castro told Obama “the pace of the normalization process will depend on lifting of the embargo,” according to Rodriguez. Therefore, he added, Cuba will present its annual America-bashing resolution at the General Assembly in a few weeks. “We’ll continue to present this resolution as long as the blockade persists,” he said. He even demanded compensation for Cuba’s suffering under the embargo.

Rodriguez referred to a resolution Cuba’s initiated at the Havana-friendly General Assembly every year since President John F. Kennedy established the embargo. In recent years, America found itself increasingly isolated, as all our allies, including Britain and the rest of Europe, joined Cuba in condemning us. Only Israel joined America last year in voting against that resolution.
But this year, our own amabassador reportedly might abstain from the vote. Senior American officials have so far declined to deny those reports, suggesting they may indeed be true.

No UN diplomats can remember a case in which a country voted against its own policies, or abstained on them.//

Let's see...China is actively making connections in Latin America, Russia is bombing insurgent forces we support in Syria, and this idiot may join the anti-American mob in the UN.

But where's the American outrage?

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