Thursday, October 01, 2015

Treason against the First Amendment.

The media's spinelessness on the Benghazi story was as close to treason against the Constitution. The story was a blatant lie from the beginning, an American's right to free speech was thrown under the bus, a movie producer was put in prison without a peep from the media, and without a bit of curiosity from the media, Candy Crowley sided with Obama in the debate on the Benghazi issue, Obama lied to the American people...

...heads should roll.

//Given the Weekly Standard piece's length, this is a good time to interject how Thomas Lifson at American Thinker interprets what happened to Logan's story: "the words 'set up' start to come to mind." Here's why Lifson would write that, Getting back to Hemingway's report:

According to a source with extensive knowledge of CBS News operations, of all the senior figures at CBS News and 60 Minutes, Drumheller had a “close relationship” with Bill Owens who was charged with fact checking the story. While New York [Magazine] notes that 60 Minutes made “no calls were made to the State Department or the FBI specifically to vet Davies’s claims,” based on the publicly available emails it would appear that CBS News’s intelligence consultant should have had no problems getting information from the highest levels of the State Department.
All three outlets cited in this post mention another person who was a CBS reporter at the time but no longer is. Here's what the IBD editorial has to say about her:

At least three CBS journalists did try to get the facts — and in varying ways were all punished by their bosses, who were being advised by Drumheller.

Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson was repeatedly treated as a troublemaker by CBS executives for her Benghazi coverage, which she recounted in her book "Stonewalled," and saw her stories relegated to the CBS website instead of the evening news.

If this were a story about a Republican administration and conflicts of interest at a center-right media outlet, the establishment press would have had this matter on the front pages and nightly newscasts by now, and would be doing their own independent digging into this conflict-of-interest-riddled mess.

Instead, it involves heavily protected Democrats and the so-called Tiffany network. Thus, a search at the Associated Press on Tyler Drumheller's last name comes up empty, and a Google News search on his full name (not in quotes, sorted by date) returns only the American Thinker item cited earlier.

Perhaps someone at Google can explain why Hemingway's work, which comes up in a general web search, doesn't come up in the news search.//

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