Sunday, November 15, 2015

Breath-taking honesty from a dishonest man.

I attended a talk at CSU Fresno given by this guy. His thesis was that secular atheism was better than Christianity because - I kid you not - Denmark had a lower crime rate than Jamaica.  As I recall I was cut off before I could I ask him if he really expected there to be more crimes in an old age home or a high school?  Given the negative birth rate of Denmark and the growing population of Jamaica, that seemed like an apt comparison.  

However, he did put up the picture of a young Ratzinger apparently giving a Nazi salute in his priestly robes as a kind of "hit and run" shot at Catholicism.  So, I asked him if he was aware that that the picture he used cut off the other arm, which showed that Ratzinger was raising his arms in a priestly blessing. He said he didn't know that and thanked me.  I also asked if he knew that Ratzinger became a priest after the fall of the Third Reich. He said he didn't know that and thanked me.  I asked him if he knew that Catholic bishops had excommunicated Nazis before they came to power and had urged the Catholic faithful to vote against the Nazis. He said he didn't know that and thanked me.

Obviously, I think he knew the picture he used was cropped to promote a fraud.  Beyond that, his lack of knowledge about an area that he had ventured into as part of his talk shows that he is supremely untrustworthy.

This corroborates my sense that he fundamentally dishonest. 

Zuckerman is an example of the academic who is less interested in truth and knowledge than in scoring ideological points.

//Zuckerman admits fear is what keeps him from critiquing Islam in his writing on blogs and in books. "I can say anything about Christianity and Mormonism and I'm not living in fear."

He added a statement of thanks that he was able to speak and write negatively about these religions without worrying for his life or that of his three children.

"I would never write the same kind of stuff that I do about certain religions—Judaism, Christianity, LDS—that I would about Islam because of just straight up fear," Zuckerman said.//

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