Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Government is the word we use to describe how we do things together...

...such as making health insurance expensive and impossible for poor people and the middle class to actually use because of high premiums/high deductibles.

Yay, us!!!!

//You might have noticed that just in the last few days, there have been several major stories about how ♡bamaCare!!!'s own beneficiaries can't afford to use their coverage. Well, there's not much new here, but Michael Cannon has done a fine job of putting together exactly why ♡bamaCare!!! causes higher deductibles and higher premiums, so I encourage you to share this one.


For decades, government has encouraged more comprehensive health insurance than Americans would demand if they were spending their own money. This has led to a lot of wasteful spending on low-value health insurance and low-value medical care.
Free-market advocates have proposed getting government out of Americans’ health insurance decisions. Ending government encouragement of comprehensive coverage would cause people to gravitate toward less-comprehensive coverage–either coverage with more cost-sharing, such as high deductibles, or health plans where the insurer helps consumers to avoid low-value medical care, also known as managed care. One of the main benefits of high-deductible health insurance in a market system is that consumers who choose high deductibles save money on their premiums and therefore have more resources to pay their out-of-pocket expenses.

That is not what happens under Obamacare. Obamacare’s community-rating price controls and other regulations jack up people’s premiums considerably. Those folks then gravitate to high-deductible plans because buying less insurance helps them minimize those hidden taxes. ObamaCare often leaves those people worse off: they face either higher premiums, or higher deductibles, or both.

You might want to add that people receiving subsidies for their high premiums -- you and your friend on the hook for those subsidies, out of your incomes taxes.//

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