Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Surviving your Obama-prepared grownchildren this Thanksgiving.

Some tips:

//Fake Statistics. It was my old friend Boston Irish who alerted me to this ticklish little trope, when he observed that no matter how absurd the statistic you proposed to a progressive, if that statistic seemed to call attention to whatever bugaboos xhe was excited about, xhe would respond with a gushing "I know, right?!"

He demonstrated this to me at a party by interrupting a couple of liberals talking, and announcing to them:

"You know, based on current statistics, in ten years, the entire state of California will be homeless."

"Right! I know!" came the response.

By the way, that is not schtick. That is not a joke written for this blogpost. I was really there, he really said that, that really happened.

After having secured the agreement to his obviously-crank "statistics," he turned to me with a slightly arched eyebrow and sipped his beer in quiet triumph.//

Reminds me of the time, Jim Druley​ and I were listening to a post-op transgender at a book  club explain that a woman's normal attraction to a man had "nothing' to do with gender.

Jim: "So you're saying that a woman's attraction to a man has nothing to do with her gender?"

P-O TG: "Yes, that's right."

Woman in book club audience: "Oh, that's so interesting!  I'm learning so much!"

Neither P-O TG or the woman in the audience picked up on Jim's philosophically-informed essentialist sarcasm.

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