Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why do liberal Democrats hate Free Speech?

John Kerry's Freudian Slip:

//As Charles Cooke puts it:

In essence, the American Secretary of State just announced before the world that he could grasp why the woman in the short skirt was raped but that he had been left scratching his head by the attack on the woman in the pantsuit and the overcoat. “Sure,” he said, “I get why they knocked off the hate speakers, but why would they go after progressive kids at a concert? Now things are really serious.”

Kerry would have been off-base even if he had said only that there was a rationale for the Hebdo attack but not the ones last weeks. The rationale for both is essentially the same — the radical Islamists want to undermine our freedoms and impose their ideology on us. They are at war with those who reject their religion/ideology, whether or not they draw cartoons of “the Islamic Prophet.”

Kerry acknowledges this at the end of his rant. What’s criminally stupid is his apparent amazement at this state of affairs, which has been evident since at least 9/11. What’s intolerable is the certainty that Kerry will promptly go back into denial within days, if not hours.//

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