Monday, December 28, 2015

Another "Communist Learning Moment" - 

The "Dalton Trumbo" movie:

//Of course, this is not who Trumbo was. At one point in the movie, we see a copy of Trumbo’s 1939 pre-World War II novel, “Johnny Got His Gun,”  which is about a World War I veteran who lost his arms, legs and eyesight in the war, and who cannot talk. The gruesome novel was meant as an anti-war statement. The Communist newspaper The Daily Worker serialized it during the years of the Nazi-Soviet Pact (Aug. 23, 1939 to June 22, 1941) when the Soviet line was for America to stay out of the war. When Nazi Germany broke the pact the Communist Party line changed, from calling FDR an “imperialist” and Churchill a warmonger, to demanding military intervention and an alliance with the Soviet Union. Trumbo immediately scurried to withdraw the book from circulation, and bookstores were ordered to send their copies back to the publisher.

Moreover, he approached the FBI and gave them the names of prospective readers who had written him asking where they could obtain the book. They might be opposing “the commander-in-chief,” he said to the agents, and should be investigated. He feared as well that they might be “acting politically.” So Trumbo named names to the Bureau, only later to condemn those who cooperated with HUAC’s investigation of Communism in Hollywood and did the same.//

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