Friday, December 04, 2015

The Media/Academic/Political Complex.

It is almost as if the media and Democrats had coordinated somehow to use the next report of a mass shooting to vilify normal people who don't know what else to say in the immediate aftermath of a tragedy

//Left Spends Day In Coordinated Attack on Saying "Thoughts and Prayers" For the Victims
Today, all the typical imbeciles were on the same page. From The Nation to Huffington Post to this guy...

...the leftwing sure appeared to be in a coordinated mockery of offering "thoughts and prayers" to victims of shootings.
The coordinated attack seems to have three goals: One, to simply bait and troll religious people, Two, to show how trite and silly common people are with their second-hand sentiments (and how elevated the critic of such sentiments is), and Three, that while the rightwing can only offer "thoughts and prayers" in response to a mass shooting, leftwing politicians offer action:

Among the problems with this last claim is that leftwing politicians routinely offer "thoughts and prayers" after a shooting. For example, Senator Chris Murphy joined in on the coordinated attack on prayer.
But he himself recently offered thoughts and prayers to victims, before the leftwing sponteously simultaneously decided this was now wrongthought:

One of the idiots involved in the coordinated attack, Sam Stein, himself routinely offers "thoughts and prayers:"

Apparently they got this from Barack Obama, who, after the Umpqua shootings, decided that the Cult's Dogma was now that prayers were not enough.//

They are like the "cool highschool student clique" who get together to decide that anyone who isn't wearing penny loafers isn't cool.

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Jim said...

I agree. Opposition to guns is just exactly like being in a "cool high school student clique." Good job pointing that out.

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