Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Waiting for the movie.

The British Muslim scandal continues:

//In August last year, the Jay Report found that 1,400 children had been groomed, trafficked and raped by Asian men in the town but police had failed to intervene due to fears of appearing racist.//

This is one town for around ten years, which was protected by the local police because of fear of being accused of racism.

To put that in perspective, for the entire United States for the period 1950 through 2002, for a population of around 100 million, the total number of victims actually raped by Catholic priests - excluding touching, talking, inappropriate conduct was less than one thousand (albeit if you add in other forms of genital contact, the number may go up to around 2,000).

So, where are the movies and public outrage about Muslims....or the earnest discussions about how pedophilia is somehow unique to Muslim culture?

Seems like that fear of being called racist is still earning dividends.

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