Thursday, December 10, 2015

Weird developments in anti-Catholicism.

They sound like your Bible Belt anti-Catholics, but they are converts from Islam breaking into Catholic Mass and yelling about "man made religion."

That can't be good.

//Parishioners are terrified after protesters have disturbed Mass at several Catholic churches across the valley.

The group, Koosha Las Vegas, includes members who clearly identify themselves as former Muslims turned Christians. They've been entering churches during services, shouting at Catholics that they need to repent now or else, and filming the acts and posting them on the Internet.

The videos make clear the group has been active on the Las Vegas Strip and several other places around the valley. They're often seen with large signs and megaphones. The difference now is that they're going into houses of worship and causing disturbances. Parishioners tell Action News it's made them fear for their lives.

"Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ. Pope is a Satan! Pope is a Satan! Mary statue is a Satan!" the man behind the camera can be heard shouting.//

Actually, this is interesting.

Watch this video and notice how horrified the camera guy is about "statues" and how he starts yelling about "idols."

Consider how shocked a Muslim who converts to a kind of Calvinism to see "idols" in a church; that has to be a first degree cultural shock for him.

I've always wondered about the connection between Islam and Calvinism, we might be seeing it here.

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