Thursday, January 07, 2016

When the chips are down Donald Trump plays the anti-Catholic card...

...against a Southern Baptist.

I say that America should welcome its first Canadian Catholic president to show its tolerance and inclusiveness.

//Here’s the key transcript:

DICKERSON: When you say about Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), “Not too many evangelicals come out of Cuba,” what does that mean?

TRUMP: Well, it just means that Cuba generally speaking is a Catholic country. And you don’t equate evangelicals with Cuba. I don’t. I mean, I think of evangelicals, and i have, I guess I am. You know, I’m Presbyterian. I’m Protestant. But I don’t see it coming out of Cuba.

DICKERSON: But you’re not questioning whether – I mean, as far as you know, he could be more devout than you are.

TRUMP: It’s possible. Certainly it’s possible. I’m not questioning it. And I say it in a somewhat smiling manner. But there’s a little truth to it.

What strikes me first about this is that Trump feels the need to attack Ted Cruz’s Christianity as fake. Trump wants you to think that Cruz is a secret Catholic, only pretending to be a Baptist (SBC) in order to get votes in Iowa//

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