Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Party Faces." Bella Dodd's observation about the women with "Party faces" - hard and full of hate - came to my mind when I watched the latest video of Melissa Click telling the police to "fuck off" while they attempted to permit the passage of a Homecoming parade.

//The three women among them had faces hard and full of hate — Party faces, I thought, humorless and rigid. They sat there like fates ready to pass on the destinies of human beings.

Dodd, Bella (2014-12-16). School of Darkness: (Illustrated) (Kindle Locations 3213-3214). . Kindle Edition.

This is what Bella Dodd was describing.

And this:

//heavy. The futility of my life overcame me. For twenty years I had worked with this Party, and now at the end I found myself with only a few shabby men and women, inconsequential Party functionaries, drained of all mercy, with no humanity in their eyes, with no good will of the kind that works justice. Had they been armed I know they would have pulled the trigger against me.

Dodd, Bella (2014-12-16). School of Darkness: (Illustrated) (Kindle Locations 3226-3229). . Kindle Edition. //

People like Melissa Click don't happen by accident. They are educated and trained and weaponized into merciless functionaries with no humanity in their eyes..

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