Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The nice thing about having a Democrat in the White House is that there is never any bad news...

//The most important factor that brought the Democrats to their current dilemma must be blamed on President Obama. The president remains popular with the party base and a formidable force despite his lame duck status. But lost amid the adulation he receives for his historic status as our first African-American president and his ability to transform domestic and foreign policy via ObamaCare and the Iran nuclear deal is the fact that he has also helped destroy the Democratic Party as a viable force in American politics.

Since he first took the oath of office in 2009, the Democrats have declined in every possible measure of popularity and power. Fewer voters not only identify with the party but it has suffered massive losses on the state and federal levels that are virtually unprecedented for one with an incumbent president. The lack of a deep Democratic bench can be traced to the fact that the ranks of leading Democrats have been thinned by two consecutive midterm election wipeouts. Barack Obama has been a magical political figure but his magic was limited to himself. The fact that the only representative of the next generation of Democrat office holders in the 2016 race was Martin O’Malley speaks volumes about the party’s inability to produce leaders.//

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