Saturday, February 06, 2016

This is how a Dark Age begins... not with the loss of information, but the loss of knowledge.

//In order to really be said to “know” something, it must become a part of you.

Information, ideas, and data: these are external to us. It is only through undertaking the hard, focused work of thinking through these things and understanding them that we internalize them; that they become “knowledge.”

One finds this sentiment echoed in the twentieth-century autodidact Mortimer Adler, who in describing a book writes:

“Full ownership comes only when you have made it a part of yourself… An illustration may make the point clear. You buy a beefsteak and transfer it from the butcher’s icebox to your own. But you do not own the beefsteak in the most important sense until you consume it and get it into your bloodstream. I am arguing that books, too, must be absorbed in your bloodstream to do you any good.”

Furthermore, it is only through becoming knowledgeable that you are truly suitable to teach others. Knowledge is best gleaned from a person who embodies knowledge, and is a citizen of the intellectual lands into which he is trying to initiate others.

But in our current time, we are losing sight of the concept of knowledge while drowning in a sea of information. //

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