Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thug government.

//That's what happened to Paul Aker. Seven armed U.S. marshals arrived at his door in Houston last Thursday, arrested him on the spot, and took him to jail. He owed all of $1,500, outstanding since 1987. Aker told Fox 26 that without any warning, his 29-year-old debt was forcibly being collected; the marshals took him to federal court and made him sign a payment plan. “It was totally mind-boggling,” Aker told Fox 26.

Texas congressman Gene Green explained to Fox 26 that the federal government has been contracting out student-loan collections to private debt collectors, who are allowed to deploy the U.S. marshals as their enforcement arm.//

A default judgment leads to US Marshalls arresting someone?????

I've taken lots of defaults and I've had people not attend hearings or orders of examination, but I've never been able to send a single cop, much less 7 federal Marshalls, as a show of force to intimidate a judgment debtor.

Too bad....I've got a few debts I would like to collect.

This is troubling. It is right up there with the SWAT team that broke into the wrong house to arrest the wrong person who it left sitting on the curb in handcuffs for hours.

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John Kasaian said...

Debt collections sub contracted to a private entity who can then deploy US Marshals?
How much did it cost the collection agency to pay for all those US Marshals?
Considering the amount of the debt it seems there likely was an unresolved dispute of some sort, or it would have been paid long ago.

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