Saturday, March 26, 2016

Easter 2016

A presently popular internet atheist taunt is that Jesus suffered, at most, an inconvenient weekend, since He was raised from the dead, after all, on the Sunday following his Good Friday crucifixion, and, notwithstanding his horrific torture and death, He knew would "be right back."
Big whoop, say the internet atheists, not all that much of a sacrifice.
It's almost as if death does not hold so much terror and loss for those with the confidence of the Resurrection....
//The resurrection of Jesus from the dead shows as definitively as possible that God is up to something greater than we had imagined or thought possible. And therefore we don't have to live as though death were our master and as though nihilism were the only coherent point of view. After he had encountered the risen Christ, Paul could even taunt death: "Where is your sting?" In light of the resurrection, we can begin to see this world as a place of gestation, growth and maturation toward something higher, more permanent, more splendid.//
Try as they might, internet atheists can't deny Christian truth.


Lauran said...

When an atheist can prove to me that he or she is able to create from nothing a fully functioning universe, replete with living beings, then I might be inclined to listen to their arguments against the existence of God.

Until then, they’ll continue to sound like dull little children who comfort themselves with that smugness that only (unfounded) self-righteousness provides.

Anonymous said...

Its nice to have boogie men. Jews. Heretics. Progressives. Liberals. Feminists. Internet Atheists. It gives those of us who are truly enlightened someone to judge and scold and demean.

"Thou shalt not refrain from judging, scolding and demeaning."

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