Friday, March 11, 2016

See Brownshirts, tactic of.


Does anyone believe that if laughing, joyful Trump supporters did that to a Sanders rally there would NOT be comparisons to Brownshirt tactics?


John Kasaian said...

I predict that this "Rally Rattle" will be a foretelling of the dirty trick that are going to run rampant in the electoral process this election.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure if Hilary said most people from the central valley of California were rapists and murders there might be trouble at a political rally she holds in Fresno. Not saying its right to disrupt a political rally, but I could see where Hilary might want to consider how people might react to such asinine statements before making one.

Lauran said...

Not that Hilary is any stranger to asinine (and worse) comments--especially telling the parents of slain Benghazi victims that not a
"single person" was "lost" there--when, actually, four were lost.

Curious that "asinine" comments bring revolts from the left while chronically lying democrats are simply exercising free speech.

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