Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Thomas Kuhn call your office.

During the Reagan administration, the American left was beating the drum against Reagan's "dangerous" foreign policy, and the scientific world was full of discoveries about how the dinosaurs were killed in a "nuclear winter" scenario.
Today, the big political issue is global warming, and, by golly, the sea reptiles are discovered to have died off because of a runaway greenhouse effect.
Amazing how these discoveries time out with politics.
//Evidence suggests their extinction about 100 million years ago was driven by intense climate change and their inability to adapt to the changing world.
"Our results support a growing body of evidence revealing that rising sea levels and sea temperatures profoundly reorganised marine ecosystems about 100 million years ago," said lead researcher Dr Valentin Fischer of the University of Li├Ęge, Belgium, and the University of Oxford, UK.
"The ichthyosaurs were unable to adapt. They were evolving very slowly during the last 50 million years of their reign.
"When the environment changed very rapidly they couldn't keep up with this change."//

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