Monday, April 25, 2016

Apparently, threatening a student with violence in the name of the Movement is no big deal.

//Last fall, as Melissa Click yelled and pointed her way into infamy, she quickly became a caricature of a radical faculty member who represented everything conservative lawmakers and pundits hate about academe, right down to her research on Twilight.

But while the video of her screaming at a student went viral, turning her into the Melissa Click, the confrontation on a quad during a protest here last year really wasn’t that remarkable, in her mind. The assistant professor of communication at the University of Missouri was just doing what other professors and administrators were doing there, too, she says. So why did she lose her job?

She has one idea. Under pressure from state legislators, she says, Missouri’s Board of Curators fired her to send a message that the university and the state wouldn’t tolerate black people standing up to white people. "This is all about racial politics," she says. "I’m a white lady. I’m an easy target."//

If other faculty were trying to get the SA to "muscle" a student journalist, they should have been fired.


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the Republican frontrunner for the 2016 presidential nomination. Its unfortunate that no political movements are free from idiots.

Lauran said...

...or cowards, “Anonymous.” As a Democrat, surely you can relate.

Anonymous said...

I ain't no democrat and I ain't no republican. Trump is an embarrassment. Failure to recognize this is not brave. Nor is using an unconfirmed first name when posting on the most respected blog in northwest Fresno County.

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