Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Fight for Reality

Take back the language.

So the goals for those who wish to re-anchor to the world of reality are: stand firm, attach language to reality, and reject anti-reality—and to do so with good cheer, without any intent to offend. Herein follow some modest suggestions to help reclaim the language.
DO use the word “sex” in place of the slippery term “gender.” The main effect of gender ideology is to replace sex, a word that points to something real and recognizable, with “gender,” which exists only in a person’s mind. Succumbing to usage of the term “gender” is a trap that sucks you into Orwellian anti- reality.
DO consider scratching the term “gender” off forms, and replace it with “sex” before checking the box, whenever possible. You are a sex: male or female. Again, gender doesn’t really exist except in any given person’s mind, and is ever-changeable. In this way, you can also reclaim your body in documentation.
DON’T play the gender game. Example: “I don’t have a gender. But my sex is female. Rather, I am female.” Another example: “I don’t have a ‘gender identity.’ I do have a human identity which is whole and complex. I happen to be male because that happens to be the sex I am.”
Cisgender is a totally weaponized term that forces even more de-sexing in society.
DON’T get sucked into the mind game of “cisgender.” Cisgender is a totally weaponized term that forces even more de-sexing in society. It’s also a pejorative term that is supposed to mean that your mind just so happens to allow your “assigned sex” to exist alongside your “gender identity.” In gender ideology, a cisgender person is inferior to a transgender person.
Politely insist you are the male sex or the female sex, which actually matches up with your chromosomes. Period. Since the prefix “cis” means “on the same side as” (as opposed to “trans,” which means to cross over), perhaps you can cheerfully add that you are “cis-reality.”
DON’T say “gender neutral.” DO use other more accurate terms, such as “de-sexed” or “de-privatized bathrooms.” “De-sex” is particularly accurate when referring to what the state is doing to every one of us when transgender law insists that the term “gender” is superior to the reality-based term “sex.” Example: “The phrase ‘sex assigned at birth’ de-sexes us.” “Unisex” is far preferable to “gender neutral” in referring to clothing styles or hairstyles or any other material things that uniformly apply to both sexes.
DON’T say “gender non-conforming.” “Sex-non-conforming” is more accurate. The transgender idea, after all, is not to conform to the verified reality of the male or female sex.
DON’T get trapped in conflating intersex with “gender identity.” Intersex people are not transgender, though transgender activists use them to promote the agenda of gender ideology. The fact that anomalies exist in nature doesn’t cancel out the realities of nature, but actually accentuates them. Every single human being—male, female, intersex, or transgender—got here the same way: through the union of one male and one female.

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