Monday, May 23, 2016

Peak Crazy.

I just heard Kirsten Powers tell Bill O'Reilly that the North Carolina Register's statement that little girls, their parents and society needs to get over its "hang-up" about girls being exposed to male genitalia. She generously allowed that "during this transitional time," transgenders could be required to show alone.

So, let's explore the reasoning by asking "Why can't Trans shower with boys?" They all have the same parts, after all, and there is no hangup about boys being exposed to male genitalia. And it can't be that normal boys would have any sexual interest in boys who think they might be girls. And if it is the latter, we assume that boys who think they are girls can muster enough good behavior to act with decorum.

So, what's the problem?

I think the problem has something to do with "body identification." Boys who think they are girls are shocked(?)...disturbed(?)....befuddled(?) being classed with boys who know they are boys, apparently. So, in the interest of gender coherence, they are to be allowed to shower with the people of the body parts they don't have.

But what about those people with girl parts? Don't they have gender identification issues that are at least as significant? What does it tell them when they are required to shower with a penis-enabled American?

So, in Kirsten's world, gender and gender identification is fluid and body parts don't matter....for normal people. For confused people, they are controlling.

How does this make any sense.

Also, noticeably absent from the discussion was any sense of parental consent. We are in a transitional period, but sometime....soon?...things are going to be the way that elites like Kirsten decree and the little people are going to have to get in line.


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