Saturday, June 11, 2016

Footnote to History.

//At the height of the Terror, the American emigrants had besieged their embassy, begging for passports so they could leave Russia.
They were turned away only to be arrested on the pavement outside by lurking NKVD agents.
Inside, the American diplomats had known about these disappearances almost from the very beginning. But they did little to save their fellow countrymen, whom they had christened "the captured Americans."
Thousands killed
The emigrants began their long journey either into the prison cells and the Gulag camps, or the shorter route to the execution grounds.
In the killing fields at Butovo, a suburb 27 kilometres south-east of Moscow, several of the American baseball players were executed during the Terror, and lie buried in mass graves stretching for hundreds of metres.
The mass graves at Butovo, outside Moscow
Many US workers ended up in mass graves just outside Moscow
Thousands were killed in this quiet country backwater, surrounded by trees to muffle their screams.//

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