Sunday, June 26, 2016

If only 21 year old female karate teachers could marry...

Pretty unusual 11 year old boy.


mrez said...

WOW it doesn't sound like anything took place. I hope nothing happened.

I just got Amazon Prime. So I just watched a documentary on Amazon last night called "Subjected" in which many women talk about sex and why they have it. I wish someone would produce a documentary on these young women who PREY on preteens and teens, and find out what they think they are doing and why they are doing this.

Anonymous said...

Its sounds like Peter Sean Bradley, the man who produces "the most respected blog in all of North-Central Fresno County" and has an "unrepentant Catholic bias," has the knowledge and background to produce such a documentary about women who PREY on preteens and teens. Well, at least he certainly has some kind of obsession with such women. I wonder why he insists on continually using the phrase "if only Xxxxxx could marry?" Perhaps its that "unrepentant bias" It seems "unrepentant" covers a lot of ground on this blog.

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