Friday, June 03, 2016

If only 24 year old women teachers could get married....

//Oddly enough, when the parents of the eighth grader were made aware of the sexual relationship, they were "accepting of their relationship," per court documents.

Vera met her "boyfriend's" parents at the school's open house in October. She followed up the initial meeting by going to the family's home and explaining that she was their son's "girlfriend." The parents, completely "accepting" of the relationship, reportedly invited Vera over for family events.

The English teacher said that she would have sex with the 13-year-old at her suburban home "on almost a daily basis." He would typically sleepover, and then Vera would drive him to his bus-stop so he could catch a ride to school.

When Vera became pregnant in January, she claims that the teen's parents were "supportive and excited." But the teacher soon aborted the child after she was allegedly frightened by an unexpected CPS visit in February where she was asked about her relationship with the student. "Vera denied any wrongdoing at the time, but police say they found evidence of the relationship on her cell phone," notes News Fix.

Parents of students at the middle school expressed concern over the illicit relationship.

"I have chills just because of this -- just think that the teacher would even do something like this," said one parent.

Another parent, Gerson Bonilla, said that he felt “horrible for any father or any family member going through this situation." Bonilla added: “When you send your kid to the school you think everything will be safe for them and everythin

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