Friday, June 03, 2016

"Make California Mexico Again."

Anyone familiar with history knows that in the long stretch of history, national borders are flexible. 150 years is a blink of an eye when you think about how Alsace-Lorraine was French from 1648 until 1870 and then German from 1870 to 1918.

So, now we have anti-American demonstrations in San Jose, California.

I think these people are serious, and, given the precedent of other irredentist movement, I wonder if there aren't powerful people in Mexico providing encouragement to this kind of thing:

Anti-free speech thugs physically assaulted American citizens engaged in a peaceful, political assembly Thursday night outside a Donald Trump for President rally in San Jose. And the Hillary-supporting Democrat who serves as mayor of that city blamed Mr. Trump for the violence in his streets.
Of course, most of the stories written about last night’s violence won’t start off with a lead sentence like that, but it’s the absolute truth. And one wonders how long these brown-shirt tactics can continue before a leading voice from the Democratic Party will feel compelled to denounce the mob made up of their supporters.
More on the corrupt, lying mayor in a moment. First, take a look at how ugly it got in San Jose last night.
“Make California Mexico Again!” they chanted while waving Mexican flags.

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