Wednesday, July 13, 2016

As a culture we are screwed...

//"I've got a question for you," said Collins. "Driving down the road, speed limit says 55, I'm doing 65. Have I broke the law?"

"You would have to ask the Highway Patrol," Lynch answered, as the chamber erupted in snickers. "He would likely write you a ticket," she added helpfully.

The dumbfounded Collins exclaimed, "I went to a small law school. We were taught the law!" He noted that he wasn't so sure about Harvard (Lynch's alma mater) though.

He repeated his question, "Did you break the law or not — 65 in a 55? My dad was a state trooper..."

"As I said before, you would get a ticket for that," Lynch answered.

"So you broke the law!" Collins exclaimed.

"You would be cited for that," Lynch offered. "That would be considered an offense."

We seem to have entered a moment in American jurisprudence where the law is a completely subjective concept, to be upheld based on mitigating circumstances like the importance of the lawbreaker, the color of his skin, and perhaps his political party.// This is another example of the toxic corruption of the Clintons. The need to excuse their crimes results in sane people denying reality to absolve them.

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Anonymous said...

We should consider bypassing due process and just have Congress enforce the laws. Congress members are far more fair and balanced then the FBI, State and local police departments and prosecutors, the Department of Justice and most courts. Especially the current Congress.

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