Saturday, July 23, 2016

It isn't that this guy is a lunatic who is out of touch with current events.
Rather, he is totally in touch with current events and knows that his form of liberal, deracinated Christianity is most threatened by Christians who actually believe their religion.

“Protestant Theologian: ‘Radical Bible Groups’ A Bigger Threat To Teens Than Islamism,” by Victoria Friedman, Breitbart, July 22, 2016: A German protestant theologian said that ‘radical’ bible groups are a bigger radicalisation threat to adolescents than Islamists, and downplayed the number of minors who have converted and left Germany to fight for Islamic State. Harald Lamprecht, Christian theologian and sect commissioner for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Saxony, in an interview with Der Morgenpost claims that “radical bible groups” are more of a risk to the youths of Saxony than Islamism. During the interview, in which the theologian was asked to advise parents of how to look out for signs of Islamic radicalisation, he told parents “not to panic” and advised them, rather, to be more prepared to keep watch for warning signs of Christian radicalisation: “As for the threat of Saxon youths, be prepared for radical Bible groups. They are a much bigger problem than Islamists.” Downplaying the significance of the 810 young people nationally who have been radicalised by Salafists and Islamist propaganda online and have proceeded to leave Germany to join Islamic State, he pointed to the figures of radicalised youths in Saxony being in “low, single digits”. Mr. Lamprecht, who speaks to the regional church’s three-quarters of a million members across 719 congregations, advised that interest in the Quran does not equate radicalisation and urged parents to teach their children “the difference between Islam and Islamism”. Speaking to the German Evangelical News Agency after the Der Morgenpost interview, Mr. Lamprecht attempted to clarify his comments, stating that he did not mean to “equate the terrorist organisation with Christian fundamentalists”, but rather draw a comparison of how Bible study groups outside of mainstream Christianity “radically distort the Bible” with how Salafist groups “twist the Quran”.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the 'new' word. I had to look up "déraciné."

What authority and which Christian dogma, exactly, do you propose sets the standard for identifying which Christians "actually believe their religion" and presumably gets to say who the "real" Christians are.

"Will the real Christians please identify themselves" sounds way to much like "who are the real Communists here," don't you think?

I can assure you Mr. Bradley, there are a lot conservative protestants in the U.S. and elsewhere that view your church as a cult and don't believe you are a real Christian. I guess they are not the authority you are looking for?

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