Friday, July 29, 2016

Secularists don't "get" religion and so for them it is a "black hole."

For those who are religious - such as the people who wrote the First Amendment - religious freedom is understandable and not some abstract, metaphysical concept that must be pushed into some private corner so that it doesn't interfere with rights that aren't mentioned in the Constitution like the right to sex anyone way you want it and the right to kill off the consequences of such sex.


Even my safety valve is insane and has sold out to the state.

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Anonymous said...

And the consequence of "sex anyone way you want it" ( which I guess means sex any way a christian doesn't like it) is that said christian can discriminate against you. What a wonderful world you have cooked up. I'm glad you and your kind are the arbiters of what sex is acceptable (along with the federal government's support?).

I guess if I don't like people who have sex with Irishman I can discriminate against them and their Irish sex partners as well?

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