Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Good essay.

Richard Fernandez:

//As the discordant notes continue to waft from the stage, it's clear that far from shutting down foreign wars the Obama administration has become engaged all across the world. Max Fisher in the NYT writes, "Signs of trouble in Ukraine prompt question: what’s Vladimir Putin up to? When they're done fending Putin they can move on to the war in Iraq, and the ongoing operations in Libya.  Then they might pause a while in Afghanistan where the capital of Helmand province is about to fall to the Taliban as the Obama backed government falls apart before gazing across to the Pacific to where China is raising the risk of military conflict, according to the Wall Street Journal.

This was supposed to be the Age of Aquarius, so the obvious question is how did it go so wrong?  The obvious answer is maybe it was never right and the public is only now finding out.

Barack Obama bids fair to be remembered as the Florence Foster Jenkins of politics. Like that socialite he can't perform his job for beans. Like that socialite his friends are covering up for him. According to a Twitter whistleblower the social media giant's CEO ordered the employees to protect Obama from hurtful Tweets. "According to a former senior Twitter employee, Costolo ordered employees to deploy an algorithm (which was built in-house by feeding it thousands of examples of abuse and harassing tweets) that would filter out abusive language directed at Obama. Another source said the media partnerships team also manually censored tweets, noting that Twitter’s public quality-filtering algorithms were inconsistent. Two sources told BuzzFeed News that this decision was kept from senior company employees for fear they would object to the decision."//

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