Tuesday, August 09, 2016

I am SO not going to be behind the curve on this issue!!!

What do you have against "love"?

Equal rights for people who are genetically programmed to commit incest.

//CLOVIS, N.M. — A mother and son from New Mexico face jail time after their incestuous relationship was revealed earlier this year.

Monica Mares, 36, and Caleb Peterson, 19, appeared in court back in February when police learned of their relationship while investigating an “affray” near Mares’ home.

“Caleb admitted to having a sexual relationship with Monica whom he knows to be his biological mother,” police said in a criminal complaint obtained by the Clovis News Journal.

A “no contact” order was issued in February. The mother and son made a court appearance in March after that order was violated.

The mother and son both now face a jury trial in September. Peterson and Mares could each face up to three years in prison if convicted of incest charges, according to the paper.

The story is getting international attention after they recently talked to the Daily Mail about their relationship. The mother and son said they hope their story will raise awareness of Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA).//


Bobby said...

How come you didn't say "if only biological mothers and sons could get married?" Thats' the usual sardonic format you use in your very very regular reports on sexual deviance.

Peter Bradley said...

Somebody on Facebook made the same comment.

The reason is that mothers and sons can't get married.


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