Monday, August 01, 2016

If only Elementary School principals could get married.

This is another grisly local story.

There is also this -

//The evidence also showed that a female teacher in 2012 called CPS with her suspicions. But Rivas said CPS allegedly told the teacher that since she didn’t have proof of Clement’s lewd behavior it would be wrong to ruin his reputation.

Another teacher called CPS in 2013 after one of the victims tearfully told him that Clement forced her to hug him. The teacher was told to call law enforcement, but the teacher failed to do so, Rivas said.

At the time of the investigation, county social services officials could not provide information about any alleged CPS investigations into Clement’s behavior. Wendy Osikafo, deputy director for the department, said at the time CPS probes are typically limited to cases where a child is abused at home.

Rivas said Clement had a firm grip on teachers and staff because he was the superintendent with the authority to hire or fire. When teachers and janitors gave depositions in the case, Rivas said, all or most of them said they disliked Clement and described him as a bully. Only Clement’s secretaries liked him, Rivas said.//

Now imagine these people being interrogated 40 years from now and being asked why they didn't do anything/more to protect the children.


mrez said...

Thanks for the posts here. Very Informative.

Anonymous said...

You see, the moral and proper organizational reaction for any organization that had a problem with this is to say we screwed up and will do everything we possibly can to make sure those responsible are punished and take steps to make sure it will never happen again. There is no other acceptable course of action from a moral perspective.

The improper and immoral organizational reaction, especially because children are involved, is to deflect and hide the facts and to take steps to help those responsible to not be identified and not punished.

Is this not pretty clear?

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