Saturday, September 24, 2016

Athletes have a right to use their sport to promote their personal opinions...

....except when they don't.

Even if they aren't using their employer's forum to communicate their position.

And they definitely don't if if it doesn't conform with the fever-swamp left's opinion.

So, basically, people have a right to endorse the fever-swamp left.

When did America become Stalinist Russia?


Anonymous said...

"When did America become Stalinist Russia?"

Its too bad you or your relatives never lived in Stalinist Russia. If you or they had, you might have some inkling of how stupid that sentiment is.

Lauran said...

How, exactly, is pointing out similarities between leftist practices and Stalinist Russia a “stupid sentiment,” considering a good deal of progressive political thought is taken directly from Stalinist Russia? And how is understanding that fact contingent on either having lived in Stalinist Russia personally or having had relatives who lived in Stalinist Russia?

That you don’t recognize the similarities, Anonymous, in no way dismisses them but rather dismisses your own point, especially considering exceptionally learned men and women, many of whom lived in Stalinist Russia with their families and relatives, have made similar parallels for decades. Just tuning in?

Are you familiar with the history of progressive and republican politics because you don’t appear to understand either.

Anonymous said...


Mr. Bradley was not "pointing out similarities," he stated very clearly that America had become Stalinist Russia. Are you familiar with the history of Stalinist Russia? If so, you know how stupid the statement is. If not, it makes sense that you defend Mr. Bradley's inane statement with insults because thats all you've got. You sound very much like those who have to explain that Mr. Trump didn't really mean what he said.

America IS great. America has not become Stalinist Russia, not even close, not even any close similarities. Get over yourself.

Lauran said...

“Get over” myself?? Spare me the theatrics.

If someone’s familiar with the history of progressive thought, they’ll be familiar with Stalinist Russia, since the one has directly influenced the other. Clearly, you’re not particularly knowledgeable about either so quit this business of deflecting questions to avoid answering them.

No one's suggesting that America has, literally, become Stalinist Russia--but she’s being steered in that direction. And if you don’t get that sense from the liberal policies progressive’s are bending over backwards to implement in this country then you’re not only blind, you’re deaf and dumb, as well.

Anonymous said...

Lauran: "No one's suggesting that America has, literally, become Stalinist Russia"

Bradley: "When did America become Stalinist Russia?"

I agree that he wasn't suggesting it. He was stating is as a fact.

Lauran said...

Thank you for reiterating a line from my post and from Peter Bradley's post, I assume, for my benefit (although having both read the comment I was responding to and having written the response, I was already familiar with those particular lines). Unfortunately, your point is irrelevant (still) because you've misinterpreted both again.

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