Sunday, September 11, 2016

Bigotry on parade. This is the other barrell of the "religious freedom isn't worth protecting" shotgun, namely, although (Rule 1) "hate speech" laws trump religion, (Rule 2) "hate speech" against Catholicism isn't really "hate speech" under Rule 1. On the day that Mother Teresa is canonized, the Salt Lake Tribune publishes a New Atheist op-ed that hits all the tropes of anti-Catholicism. Thus we see: - Catholic priests raping altar boys? - Check. - God hates amputees? Check. - God could have stopped priests from committing sexual abuses? Check. - Mother Teresa didn't heal all the people who came to her in poverty? Check. This is just nasty ugliness on the part of Associate Professor Gregory Clark. In the face of comparable bigotry against Father Damien of Molokai, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote something that is worth considering in this context. After Father Damien died a Presbyterian Minister in Honolulu suggested that Damien caught leprosy by sleeping with the women lepers. Robert Louis Stevenson was outraged and published an open letter to that Minister: //But I fear you scarce appreciate how you appear to your fellow-men; and to bring it home to you, I will suppose your story to be true. I will suppose—and God forgive me for supposing it—that Damien faltered and stumbled in his narrow path of duty; I will suppose that, in the horror of his isolation, perhaps in the fever of incipient disease, he, who was doing so much more than he had sworn, failed in the letter of his priestly oath—he, who was so much a better man than either you or me, who did what we have never dreamed of daring—he too tasted of our common frailty. “O, Iago, the pity of it!” The least tender should be moved to tears; the most incredulous to prayer. And all that you could do was to pen your letter to the Reverend H. B. Gage! Is it growing at all clear to you what a picture you have drawn of your own heart? I will try yet once again to make it clearer. You had a father: suppose this tale were about him, and some informant brought it to you, proof in hand: I am not making too high an estimate of your emotional nature when I suppose you would regret the circumstance? that you would feel the tale of frailty the more keenly since it shamed the author of your days? and that the last thing you would do would be to publish it in the religious press? Well, the man who tried to do what Damien did, is my father, and the father of the man in the Apia bar, and the father of all who love goodness; and he was your father too, if God had given you grace to see it.// : And, likewise, Mother Teresa was the mother of Associate Professor Gregory Clark, who besmears himself with filth in order to score a point or two.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Its just like lying about the President's birth certificate or making stuff up about a candidates health. I guess you know exactly what I mean.

Lauran said...

You actually know little, anonymous, but you don’t seem at all daunted by your disability.

Wanting to see proof of American citizenship from an anti-American candidate was hardly “lying,” and sealing his education records wasn't exactly proof of honest life, either. Neither is questioning the health of a candidate who's flopping to the floor every other day. And when both individuals are incessant liars, questioning them is, in fact, just good sense.

By the way, the Catholic Church’s wrongs aren’t what the Left hate most, but rather what the Church does right.

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