Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The next debate will be even worse.

Holt didn't want the same treatment that Matt Lauer got.

//At tonight’s debate, Donald Trump faced off not just against Hillary Clinton, but against moderator Lester Holt.

The game of two-on-one saw Holt ask no questions about:

Hillary’s emails
The Clinton Foundation
While ignoring these issues, Holt grilled Trump on stop-and-frisk, the birther story, his comments about women, his many bankruptcies, why he hasn’t released his tax returns — and a host of other issues the media sees as unfriendly to the Republican candidate.

Holt also repeatedly attempted to “fact check” on some of Trump’s positions, such as his claim to have opposed the Iraq War from the beginning. Holt interrupted Trump several times to interject, but rarely succeeded (and may have come across as weak and impotent).//


Anonymous said...

"There is no life I know to compare with pure imagination. Living there, you'll be free if you truly wish to be."
Willy Wonka

Anonymous said...

By the way, you're doing a good job of pushing the current GOP narrative that Trump has and is being treated unfairly. Everything is "rigged" is such a nice narrative in that all failures of said Mr. Trump have nothing whatsoever to do with him. He's just being picked on. But lately you've been ignoring those old faithfuls "class warfare" and your own personal trope "If only xxxxx could get married." I suggest you revisit those two tropes soon or risk having them atrophy. I would miss the latest on how the Koch's pay too much in taxes and its not okay to question pederast priests and those who protect them because, well, there are lots of pederasts so priests are just going with the flow of traffic.

Lauran said...

"The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they're ignorant--it's just that they know so much that isn't so.” Ronald Reagan

--but don’t let that shut you uu--not even the truth can do that.

Anonymous said...

Face it, Lauran, your type has lost the country. It belongs to others now. You have no monopoly on wisdom or truth. And now you have no country to run into the ground or send off to useless unjustified wars on the other side of the world. America already is great. You, not so much.

Lauran said...

My “type” made this country and made it great, and my type preserves the greatness that remains. You and yours, not at all.

The “others,” like yourself, serve no more purpose than (anonymous) termites do. You eat at decency and truth and wisdom because you lack the character to recognize, much less exercise, the attributes of greatness. That’s why you debase tradition in order to cheapen it--to your level. No sale, chump. You’re just another bottom feeder in this great country, pretending to love it while contributing nothing but baseness because, frankly, it’s all you got to give.

Anonymous said...


You are coo coo for cocoa puffs. Yes, entertaining, but completely coo coo.

Lauran said...

And you keep telling yourself that, termite.

Anonymous said...

Lauran, you have on idea how much it hurts to be called a termite. Leaf cutter ant is one thing, but termite really cuts deep. In one strong of comments you noticed rather correctly that I am ignorant, lack character, and a "debaser," am a chump, am a bottom feeder and contribute nothing but baseness.

Well, if only I was allowed to marry.

Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids.

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