Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The best part of the Obama Era has been all the racial reconciliation.

Anywhere else, this would look like racial bigotry.

//Students at the University of California, Berkeley held a violent protest on campus Friday to demand additional segregated “spaces of color” for non-white students.

The demonstration began at a key bridge on campus, where the protesters made a human chain to prevent white people from crossing, instead directing them to "go around" by trudging across the stream.//

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Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the Bradley / Republican trope that because the president is one-half African descent the countries racial issues should have been healed by now. That is what you believe, right? The fact that our racial issues still exist and that there are still crazies out there on both sides means Obama has somehow failed. You really believe, Mr. Bradley, that because the crazies still hold sway at UC Berkley the president has failed at something? Wha about Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1. Reagan, Carter? The crazies at Berkley have been there the whole time, yet somehow its a personal failure of Obama?

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