Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Clinton Crime Family ...

...coming to the White House.

//"Long-secret emails just caught Team Hillary in another blatant lie — namely, the claim that Clinton Foundation donors got no special treatment from Clinton’s State Department. In fact, ABC’s “case study” of the 2010 Haiti-relief feeding frenzy may be the most damning foundation scoop yet.
And the foundation isn’t even denying it.

ABC News got the emails via a Freedom of Information lawsuit. They show that, after the devastating 2010 Haiti earthquake, a top Hillary aide repeatedly gave special attention to “Friends of Bill” looking to cash in.

Indeed, the aide, Caitlin Klevorick, kept asking foundation official Amitabh Desai “to flag when people are friends of WJC” — William Jefferson Clinton. Anyone without a special tag (FOB, WJC-VIP) got rebuffed by State and referred to a federal website.

State was besieged with requests to get in on $10 billion in aid contracts, described in one government cable as “a gold rush.”

One FOB, a major foundation donor who’d served as Bill’s Texas chair, used his pull on behalf of a firm he admitted “wanted to get some of the business” and had him use the Clinton Foundation as “a facilitator.”

Klevorick told ABC the special attention was about learning who had a history in Haiti so as “to get the necessary resources to the right places as soon as possible to save lives.”

One problem: She never asked if anyone had experience in Haiti or even with aid relief. Her only question: “Is this a FOB?” And her only instruction to the foundation was that all FOBs be “flagged.”

Which is why the Haiti analyst for the nonpartisan Center for Economic and Policy says, “The line was pretty faint between” the foundation and the State Department."//

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Anonymous said...

Truly amazing, isn't it, Peter?

Apparently, the pathos and competence and purity of the current conservative movement in the U.S. and the current incarnation of the Republican Party are no match for the calculations and ineptitude and corruption of the Clinton's.

One is left to wonder what values there are at the core of a movement and a party who flails and fails so miserably at beating such wicked people as the Clintons. The last 20+ years of focusing so much effort on wailing about and hurling hate at the Clintons and on lowering the highest incremental federal tax rate for those making over $466,950 per year and on making sure gays can't marry seem to have had extremely limited long-term practical payback. But then I suppose conservatives / Republicans can feel good about themselves just having put up the good fight despite losing like the system is rigged. Perhaps, just perhaps, its time for a new approach? Oh yeah, its called Trumpism. Another conservative / Republican strategy destined to go down in American history as a huge success.

Lyrics from the theme song at the Hilary for President HQ the night she gives her victory speech:
"And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate
Baby I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off"
-- Taylor Swift

After all, hatred is not really a political strategy, its a way of life.

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