Sunday, November 06, 2016

Corrupt Media/Rigged System

Remember how weird it was that George Stephanopoulis asked that off the wall question about contraception in the first debate in 2012...

...and how contraception turned into a major theme in the 2012 election.

Why, it was almost as if George was being used to set up the Obama run!!!

On an unrelated note, the journalist "moderator" in 2016 asked Clinton's campaign manager what questions he should ask Jeb.


Anonymous said...

Peter, given how bad you think things are becoming, you really need to consider living in another country, one you don't hate so much and one over half of who's residents you don't hate so much. Just say'in.

You really force out large volumes of loathing on your fellow citizens. "Love your neighbor as yourself. There is no commandment greater . . .”

John Kasaian said...

IF Trump pulls a Wilkie and squeaks in, what are the chances that our ruling overlords deem the election was hacked by the Russians, so declared invalid? That is the spin Obama's DHS has conveniently advanced.
It wouldn't surprise me, if it came to that.

What are the chances that, if Hillary wins but there remains a Republican majority in the House and Senate, that Impeachment proceedings would soon follow?
That wouldn't surprise me either.

Whomever wins, there will be so much hatred towards the Office that the Secret Service will likely have it's hands full of threats.

Our country is trouble, and the corker is that California voters will have no voice in the main event---the race for President will likely already be decided before the polls close here.
It's like being stuck on the tracks watching the locomotive approach.

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