Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election 2016 - Aftermath.

Last week, the handwringing media was all about "Will Trump accept his loss?"

The media, of course, never asked if Hillary supporters would be willing to accept her loss.

But "acting out" is what leftists do when they don't get what they want.

//Anti-Trump protests continue for second day in California following a night of vandalism and arrests

Dozens of arrests were reported during a second day of protests in California on Thursday as people from the Bay Area to Los Angeles took to the streets forcefully denouncing President-elect Donald Trump.

Demonstrations continued into the morning with students in San Francisco and downtown Los Angeles walking out of classrooms and marching in the streets.

In San Francisco, the California Highway Patrol confronted a small group of students who were attempting to march onto the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

Just after 3 p.m. in Boyle Heights, a group of protesters walked onto the westbound 10 Freeway, near the 710 Freeway, and across lanes for about 20 minutes, said Officer Kevin Tao of the California Highway Patrol.

Officers diverted traffic as they drew protesters off the freeway.

Police cruisers blocked the crowd of protesters from reentering the freeway near Cal State Los Angeles.

“We don’t know where these groups of protesters came from,” Tao said.

In Los Angeles, 28 people were arrested overnight for impeding traffic when hundreds of protesters poured onto the 101 Freeway downtown, LAPD officials said.

In the loud and aggressive demonstration, many chanted, “Not my president,” and “Respect all women.” The mostly young crowd marched through the city before heading onto the freeway near Alameda Street.

The pack of hundreds — many screaming against both Trump and law enforcement, others riding skateboards on the freeway — caused a traffic backup that extended for miles.

The freeway was cleared, and all lanes were reopened by 4 a.m. Thursday, the California Highway Patrol said.

In Santa Ana, an estimated 650 demonstrators marched to Bristol Street and McFadden Avenue, where they squared off with police. A brick was thrown into a police cruiser, two other vehicles were damaged and two businesses were vandalized, said Santa Ana Police Cmdr. Phil Craft.

Officers fired bean bags to disperse the crowd, and 10 people were arrested, he said. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department assisted with crowd control, officials said.//

Name them and shame them.

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"Anti-Trump protests?”

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