Sunday, November 27, 2016

Fake hate crimes/Fake News.

Because the media knows the narrative it wants to find, it is exactly this hard to hoax them.

//After Harvard tweeted out the hoax story, the pranksters contacted her again to point out that she has no idea whether the man in the fake story is actually a Trump supporter. The email reads:

Hi Sarah,

I was talking to a friend about this incident and she brought up a good point. I don’t have any way to confirm that the guy in my story was a Trump supporter. I assume he was because he was a rude white male, but there is no way to know who he really voted for.
Despite that, and even after Christiansen himself told the journalist he faked the incident and described in detail in his podcast how he did it, Harvard still let the story and her Tweet stand without admitting any mistakes.//

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